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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Traffic, Electric Currents and Wet Skin in Bali

The streets are loud. The air is hot. The traffic is bananas. I spent 3 hours in a cab the other day from Dewi's house to the place I am now staying at in Seminyak. Yep, three hours. It should of taken an hour, tops. I realized about halfway it was because the traffic lights were out, so seeing as there was nothing I could personally do to fix this situation, I did as the Indonesians do, and put my head down for a nap. These Indonesians are onto something.

As I mentioned in my first post, there no rules on the road. If you see a space to go, you have to slide in there as fast as possible before someone else does. No one uses the lanes. Motor bikes are everywhere. In front of and behind cars, on the sidewalk and even the middle of the road buzzing along towards oncoming traffic.

The roads are really bad. And I don't mean they are bad like the government chose to spend tax payers dollars on a fancy bike lane instead of fixing the roads. The roads have giant chunks missing, so if you are driving a bike, or on foot, you better keep your eyes open or you will be stepping in a 3 foot hole. Somewhat scary. Totally dangerous. Sort of funny.

Somehow, as life does, it all comes together. It all just works. It flows, inch by inch, and people eventually get where they need to go. People are a lot more patient too, it seems. I'm pretty sure it's like this most of the time, so they know what to expect. Island time, right?

Electricity. Well, I have come to understand the power goes out here about once a day, but if you just flick the switch on your power box a few times, it usually goes on again. Brilliant. Also, electric devices like to give you little shocks every now and then. Nothing crazy or life threatening, just a nice little reminder that you shouldn't be taking it for granted. It's a friendly little "Hey!! What's up?" from your fridge or toaster when you least expect it. Happy little appliances.

As for natural electricity, we've been getting some super awesome thunder and lightning storms!! Day 3. Another one just rolled in this afternoon. The first night I arrived in Seminyak, I ventured out at about 8pm to look for somewhere for dinner. Immediately it started to pour. Within minutes, I was soaked and dewy with warm tropical rain that smells like coconuts. Just me, in my little sundress. Gotta admit, I felt pretty sexy. Everyone looks better when they sprinkled with rain and glowing with dewy skin, don't they?

I wasn't picky about where to eat. I was wet and hungry. I found the first place with a roof that served food: Warung Murah. It's on the main Double Six road through Seminyak. A charming little place with beautiful carved wooden chairs and tables. I ordered a glass of rose and a green beef curry and watched my surroundings. My dining neighbors: an Indian family, a Japanese couple, and a handful of tanned ( yet obviously white ) Westerners. The curry was absolutely amazing. Rich in a smoky coconut flavor with chunks of red pepper and onions on a bed of rice. I don't eat red meat that often, but when I do, I hope for the best. I was very pleased with the meal.

Wednesday evening now. I am meeting a friend of a friend tonight for drinks. She and her fiance have been living in Bali for the past year. Very excited to meet my new girl friend! I will write again tomorrow about Seminyak and tell you about the beautiful place I am staying at. It's really beautiful. You are probably going to be slightly jealous when you read it. Just say'n. Hehe.

My advice for the day? When in doubt, when life gives you lemons, or you don't know what to do: Take a nap.


  1. The first day and my kids are done with school for winter vacation. Made blueberry/cranberry muffings and tea. Reading your blog, and I get the feeling like it's straight out of a magazine, or a tv show! This is awesome, thanks for sharing <3 Sending love from the WC.