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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Year 2012 - Rainbows, Hiphop and SUCCESS

I remember the last leap year in 2008. I was living on 11th and Birch in Vancouver. It was a Friday evening around 7pm and I had my weekly DJing gig at Republic that night. Looking out the window, it was gray and rainy. Typical vancouver, right? Nope, things changed for the better within a few minutes. The sky cleared just as the sun was setting. With rain drops still in the air..... out came a rainbow. It was pure magic. I smiled and I remember it like it was yesterday.

Life is a delicate balance of good and bad. Light and dark. as people..... we experience a rainbow of emotions and feelings. Everything comes in seasons and cycles. The universe is a receptive, working machine. The sun rises and the sun sets. After darkness, comes light. The planets aline and we get 366 days this year. It's a special year. Embrace it. Use it. Don't waste another moment and live the life you want to live. Live it for yourself and no one else. Everything else is just chatter. Only you stop yourself from achieving your dreams and following your bliss. So stop it and start acting towards the life you want to create for yourself :)

After the rains and the gray, comes the sunshine. And if you're lucky, you get to see the beauty of both, when mother nature decides to show you how beautiful life is in the form of a rainbow ❤

4 years later, and wow how my life has changed. And it's only really changed drastically in 3 months. Losing that office job and that dude who was so wrong for me was such a blessing! I am so incredibly happy now. It's been difficult starting a life somewhere else, when I have grown up somewhere and stayed there all my life ( traveling a LOT, since a young age though ), it's been a bit of a challenge, but I am slowly making friends.

Piece by piece it is coming together. The apartment..... the scooter.... my new homies. I went out with them last night and saw some live music. The best. Classic and reggae covers at the local Napi Orti in Ubud. Super cool place. A mix of locals, expats and people on a vacation. Really cool.

I know the life I want to create for myself. I'm not done yet. I want to build a house here. I want a pool. I want to create this success and money myself, and I will. I have a LOT of work to do. I've been listening to SUCCESS mp3's at the gym...... really giving me the paradigm shift that I need to really engage all parts of my life, and make shit happen. I've forgiven the past and am living for right now. I'm grateful and appreciative for everything in my life. I am proud of myself and take time to love myself everyday.

Hope everyone has a fantastic last day of February. Bring it on, March! Embrace NOW. Live your dreams.

Peace + Light
Love, Kate

p.s. I've been on a hiphop kick in the mornings. Best way to start the day. This is what's on repeat right now..... So good. Below, the vid.... my new Balinese homies, Edy and Abu! :)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Thoughts. Become. Things.

Noosa - Fear Of Love

From the second this track started...... I knew I would love it. When I heard her voice....... I was captivated. When I listened to the lyrics.......... shivers.

I love finding a track that is 4 days old...... that only 700 people in the world have heard ( or so goes the Youtube statistics )

This song has SO much feeling... so MUCH emotion..... it makes me FEEL love. The love for myself...... The love in my heart. To remember when I have been in love with another........ when I have lost love......... and the excitement for the love to come.

These waters filled with motion, their moving heavy weight
the currents getting stronger
we're gonna drown someday..........

You see yourself in every
one who crosses your path,
but I can't tell you enough
that's not who they are deep inside........

Fear of Love....... Mirrors in the Moonlight.....
Fear of Love....... Mirrors in the moonlight.....

And almost at 9000 views.... c'mon baby!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Antiques - Made to Order

Hello friends,

Today marks my 11th week on the magical island of Bali. I'm loving living in Ubud. The days are hot. The evenings are quiet. I woke at 6am this morning, before the sun rose, and had coffee on my terrace. Yes, it's heavenly and yes, I am so happy I am not living in a cold climate right now!

I've been working hard at the gym and feeling awesome. I'm working on my body. So what. What about the Balinese culture? Isn't this blog about Bali??

Riding my scooter this morning, under the hot sun........ I passed the rice fields, magnificent villas, ladies with baskets of market goods balanced high on their heads.... dogs in the streets..... temples and temple offerings. They even do a temple offering at the gym!! Yes, back on the gym subject for a moment..... it was quite lovely! And weird! Incense in the gym.

Riding the main road back to my house, I passed store after store of bright twinkling shining beautiful things. Yes, I am a crow and a woman. I love things that sparkle! Colorful mosaic mirrors and bowls.... hundreds and hundreds of them, in every style and color, reflecting light back into the world. Twinkling under the sun. Carvings....... of everything. Beautiful wood shelves and cabinets...... and the best sign: "Antique - Made to Order."

I would love to buy so many of these beautiful things...... wholesale..... export and start a shop somewhere. One day, I will. Apparently you need money to start a business? Oh what. You have money? And you want me to buy and export Balinese goods for you? Let's talk.

I've really got to hit the town with my camera this weekend. And show you what I am seeing. It's truly beautiful. And the people of Bali are so truly beautiful. I'm going to go on a photo-snapping rampage this weekend. Just you wait.

So I'm doing the work thing. And I'm doing the gym thing. I've even made a new friend!!!!!! Which is big news, because it's hard to make new friends when you're the new girl. I talked to her at the gym. She is a teacher at the local school, originally from New York. "She" will go unnamed. This blog is public, afterall. A high-energy and very funny woman. So looking forward to chilling with her! She's invited me out tonight with another teacher friend of hers. Stoked.

So a part from work, the gym and my new friend ..... I'm doing some "work" with myself. I'm doing the "real work". By that I mean..... the mind and soul work. I'm keeping a journal, for me and my thoughts. This blog, is for the world. Journal, for me. A girl has to have SOME secrets!!

I'm going to buy a new book. And read it. All of it. Sure I read the news and blogs and wikipedia and twitter ( ha ) ........ but I need to find myself a nice book, that captures me, and takes me and seduces me until it is all I can think about. I need to have it. I need to read it at every moment I can. I want to finish it in a matter of days........It's been a while since a book did that for me. I will let you know what I find..... and if it keeps my interest.

So many books and words and thoughts and ideas to absorb...... my Dad tells me classic movies I should see...... musicals and musicians and authors and artists I should know. I so often get distracted, because he just looks so cute when he tells me about these things..... he breaks into song and I forget the name.... but god, it's magic when he does that. My parents come back to Bali on Monday. Yay! They have been bumming around Thailand for the last month. God, they're cool. They come back to Ubud for the week, then we are heading south for a weekend on the beach. I will make sure to get my Dad to write a Master List of all the things I should see, read and listen to in my lifetime.

Ok so I've covered reading and writing...... what about my SOUL, man? Well....... meditation. I'm giving it a go...... and kind of getting it. I sat in a rice field yesterday...... cross-legged under a palm, the sun beating down on me. The sound of the breeze. It's so easy to forget how important it is to get connected to nature. I mean, really connected. Find somewhere quiet, away from anyone or anything....... and just be. When I was 19 and traveled through Australia..... I would do it everyday..... in a field or the forest or on the beach. It is such an imperative HUGE part of spiritual growth. Listening to the breeze..... letting go of your thoughts..... being in the "green"..... really energizes you and brings you focus. Or so I find.

Yoga. I haven't gone yet. But I am going to today! I am going to go check out the free community yoga class at The Yoga Barn. I checked out the Yoga Barn yesterday...... it's super zen and super lovely. Really, really looking forward to it.

I've been warned to bring bug spray to the community class. I guess those bugs know when it is feeding time and you are at your most physically vulnerable point. Well, bring it on, mosquitos. I'm going to have a nice layer of lotion on me, so do what you can.

Wow this is a long post!! Go, Kate!

Anyways. Enjoy the day ( night ) people. Do yourself some good this weekend and go connect with nature!! Hiking doesn't count. Go be with yourself alone in nature. It's truly one of the simple pleasures in life.

And to my beastie ( bestie ) Candice...... I believe in you. It will get better. It's a breakTHROUGH.... <3

Monday, 20 February 2012

Bali Boot Camp

So I've joined the Ubud Fitness Centre, and I'm hitting it hard. I've been going everyday, some days I have even gone twice. Isn't that ridiculous? Post workout energy is THE best! Trust me, I am really really really good at not working out too. I go through months of being highly active, watching my diet closely and training hard....... to months of being slightly less active and watching my diet, sometimes. Well now I'm being active and I'm kicking ass. My own ass. I'm back into my training routine: Cardio on intervals, weights, lunges, empty stomach cardio in the morning before breakfast ( not every day, are you kidding me? ) with coconut water post workout. Yes, my gym sells real coconuts and they machete them open for you right there on the spot.

With my body, if I train hard and eat right.... lots of protein, cut the sugars, it usually takes 6 weeks to see a real difference at the gym. I feel harder, and see muscle cuts in my arms and abs. Sometimes it takes just a few weeks, I tone up really fast when I want to.

I've found some "inspiring" fitness photos. Check em out. Don't you just want to go pump some iron, like right now??! Well I do. Off I go! ;)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

10 Balinese Traditions / Customs / Beliefs

1. Babies can not touch the ground before the age of 3 months, which means they require to be held and carried around at all times.  ( Awwwww sooo loved! )

2. All babies are born with 4 brothers of equal importance: the blood, the foetus, the plancenta and amniotic fluid of the newborn

3. The "brothers" are to be taken care of all your life more particularly on a daily-basis until the age of 6.

4. The baby's placenta should be buried in the family compound as it is believed to be part of the newborn's soul and source of good luck and guidance.  ( ewww, but cool )

5. Evil spirits cannot turn corners.    ( Ghostbusters? )

6. The kitchen is a powerful place where evil spirits can be neutralized.    ( Garlic ? )

7. The tooth-filling ceremony is executed for all adults by smoothing down their incisor and eye-tooth: the purpose is to cut the gluttonous, arrogant, and bluff which are owned by every human being.

8. What happens in our life now, is the result of our past actions.  ( Which explain why some people are celebrities' children and some others are celebrities children )

9. Good spirits are believed to reside in the mountains, whereas the seas are home to demons and ogres. ( Sweet, I live in the mountains! )

10. A newborn baby is most likely the reincarnation of a family ancestor.   ( Gramma, is that you? )

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Soma Helmi

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Soma yet, but I have heard nothing but amazing things about her and her work. Check out her show reel below. This woman is fast on the rise in the beautiful world of film.

Soma Helmi Showreel 2012 from soma helmi on Vimeo.

"Born in Bali, Soma Helmi grew up somewhere between Indonesia, Australia, and the US. In 2009, Soma decided to pursue film making after many years as an Art Director in web, advertising and photography.

Her debut short film – The Angel & Rajapala – won the short film competition at BALINALE International Film Festival in 2009. Her work has been screened at film festivals around the world including Anchorage Film Festival, WOW Film Festival, Sydney, and Short & Sweet Film Festival in the UK.

Soma’s latest film credit is as co-director on the ground breaking film ‘Life in a Day’ directed by Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott and YouTube. Her footage was chosen from over 80,000 entries. She was then amongst only 20 film makers invited to attend the premier of Life in A Day at Sundance this year!

Soma is now co-writing an Indonesian feature film and actively raising funds for Mermaids, a short film to be shot and produced in Bali."

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day to Me ❤

I started a song-a-day post...... and I've missed the last two days..... so will be starting that tomorrow. Fail on my part, but hey, I'm winning in other ways. Such as seriously loving myself.

I've been feeling a bit lonely this week.... not for friends.... but for some love. With Valentines Day right around the corner ( barf ), us single people can't help but feel, well.... single. Instead of thinking of this as a bad thing, which it is so very not, I am embracing my awesomeness and treating myself like gold. A reminder that we should be doing this in small ways, every day.

Well today I dedicated to myself, as it is International Happy Day and also Kuningan ( the 10th day of the Balinese Gulangan holiday ), what better way to celebrate the number one person in my life. Me!

I filled up the motorbike with gas which was $2 and headed north to explore the outskirts of beautiful Ubud. Rolling hills, epic green rice fields and thousands of palm trees as far as the eye can see.

Afterwards, I treated myself for lunch at Dayu Warung which is on Jalan Sugriwa, which is a new little restaurant in Ubud. Totally organic and totally delicious. I had the Coconut Gamasio Salad which was filled with veggies and slices of avocado and shredded coconut with a tangy sesame dressing. Absolutely amazing. This was 25,000 rupiah. Less than 3 dollars.

Also on the menu: Pumpkin Soup.. pumpkin, garlic, ginger, lemongrass and pumpkin seeds. Dayu Warung also does catering, takeout and delivery. This place will be popular. Check it out if you come to Ubud :)

Afterwards.... an hour long full body Balinese massage with frangipani oil at Ayu Spa off Jalan Hanoman. Absolutely one of the best massages I have had in a while. I need to make this a weekly thing! There is no excuse when it costs only 60,000 rupiah = around $6.

The price for loving myself and treating myself like the goddess I am on one of the most beautiful and magical islands in the world?

Absolutely priceless :)

Dayu Warung - Sugriwa Street 28X, Ubud, Bali
                       - 081 936 203 001

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Song A Day ---- White Lies - Death (Chase and Status Remix)


Song a Day

Hello All!

Music is the soundtrack to our lives, our memories, our moments and our emotions.

I'm starting a "song a day" post. You will be able to search for it easily as the links start to build up.

Here is your track for a Tuesday morning ( I'm 16 hours ahead of Vancouver remember )

Enjoy <3

Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Things I've Seen

An Ode to Candice

Saturday Night in Ubud. It's been raining all day, so I was more than happy to come home, have a shower, eat some dinner and now chill in my bed.

I'm a bit lonely tonight... I'm not going to lie. It's one of my best girl friends birthdays this weekend, and I so wish I could be in Vancouver to celebrate with her. I will Skype with her and my dear friends tomorrow and am so very much looking forward to it.

Candice, I know this new year is going to be the best year of your life yet. You will create change and make your dreams come true. I am there for you every step of the way <3   You are the kindest, most thoughtful, loving woman I know. Keep doing what you're doing. There are wonderful things in store for you, babe.

Thinking of you and wishing you a truly happy birthday, my beautiful girl. Love you so much.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Roosters, Thunder, and Galungan

A quick post before bed. I had a highly productive day in Denpasar. My friend / driver / translator Wayan and I hit the road just after 9am. It was a brilliant sunny day. My new puppy, Shanti, slept the whole time in the back seat.

I tied up loose ends, took care of business, etc. Also got a new phone - blackberry, so you can expect lots more mobile uploads from me ;)

Arrived back in Ubud just after 3pm. The streets look absolutely beautiful. The Balinese have been preparing giant pieces of bamboo and decorating them, to put out front of their houses. These "penjors" are for Galungan, which begins tomorrow.

Galungan is a Balinese holiday that is celebrated every 210 days, and always falls on a Wednesday. It literally means "When the Dharma is winning." During this holiday, the Balinese gods visit the Earth and leave on Kuningan, the 10th and last day of the holiday. 

The day will be spent with family and at the temples, giving offerings. The day after Galungan is a time for a holiday, visiting friends, maybe taking the opportunity to head for the mountains for a picnic. Everyone is still seen to be in their 'Sunday best' as they take to the streets to enjoy the festive spirit that Galungan brings to Bali.

I took a quick nap before meeting my parents for dinner. All I could hear was the neighbors roosters crowing and thunder. I am beginning to really love these sounds. The sounds of living somewhere remote and the sounds of the tropics. I can see palm trees from my bedroom window and I still can't really believe it.