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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Goodbye Bali - Hello Perth!! ❤

Seeing as I have one month before my DJing gig starts in Singapore, I've decided to shake things up and head South to Australia. I've got a few friends down there, and the potential to make some money, which as I have mentioned in past posts is very difficult in Bali, with work permits and such.

I fly out of Indonesia tomorrow, Friday June 1st, and arrive on the beautiful West Coast of Perth, Australia late tomorrow night. I am very excited, not just to explore and experience a part of the world I've never seen, but to chill with those super cool people also know as "Aussie's"!

My new blog is in the process of being set-up, so for the time being I will blog my Perth adventures on here. I've just contacted Perth Tourism, as well as Tourism Australia, to set-up some cool destinations and trips for the month. If you know anyone in Perth who I could meet up with, send them my way ( or send me their way ). I love meeting new people and finding out about their lives and backgrounds. So very excited for this new chapter in Australia!

When I was 19 years old, a packed up from Vancouver and left for the East coast of Australia. All I had was my plane ticket and a huge backpack and I bravely boarded the plane, not knowing where I was going or where I was going to stay. I ended up staying for 8 months, spending 3 months living in a tent in Byron Bay, picking fruit in Bundaberg, to nannying at a 5 star hotel on the beautiful and famous Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday Islands on The Great Barrier Reef. It was an adventure that changed me and shaped me, molding me into a stronger and somehow much wiser 19 year old.

A decade has passed and here I am again, spreading my wings and embracing the unknown. Buying tickets to destinations and not having any plans. But that is what truly makes life exciting and that is what makes life worth living. All you need is a plane ticket and to make sure you make it to your gate on time. That's where the magic happens. Through time, space, sunrises and sunsets, you are transported into a new part of the world. Air travel. Often taken for granted, yet truly one of the most incredible inventions of mankind.

I have my incredible parents to thank for giving me the wonderful gift of "travel" and instilling airport-confidence in me from a very young age. I'm pretty sure my parents sent me on my first flight when I was 7 years old, traveling as an "Unaccompanied Minor" or "Unaccompanied Monster", as my Mum used to say. Mum, please confirm how old I was ;)   She said, "Just connect the numbers and letters on the ticket with the screen and go! Ask anyone if you get lost." And it really is that easy!

Australia and Singapore will be a new adventure and I plan to share all of it with you, whoever you are and wherever you may live in this beautiful world. I am here to inspire and to create. There is SO much of the world to see, and I feel in my heart it is my passion in life to experience it and share it on this creative platform, known as an internet blog.

I still plan to buy land and build a house in Bali, but as far as 'career plans' go..... I've got some tricks up my sleeve, so don't plan on me retiring or settling down anytime soon! So many countries to see!!

On that note....... Take chances. Don't plan. Ok, plan a bit. Don't forget your passport. Go to the right gate. Sit back. Order a wine. Put on a song. Look out the window. Smile. And say "Thank you". Every day.

If you're unhappy, change it! Time is wasting, so instead of envying other people's lives, create your own incredible life. If you are not living a life you LOVE, the only person's time you are wasting is your OWN.

Focus on your dreams and move towards them, whatever or WHEREVER they may be ❤

And remember, in the words of Tony Robbins: "Never laugh at anyone's dreams. If you don't have any dreams, you have nothing. "

Love to all. Bye for now, Bali. Hello Australia!

XO Kate

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Kill Paris - I Do Love You

"I Do Love You". Literally just dropped an hour ago. I love fresh tracks! Especially from Kill Paris. So. Damn. Good.

I came across Kill Paris just a few weeks ago. Absolutely loving his sounds. They remind me a little of Daft Punk in their early days, and trust me, that's a huge compliment. If you have worked with Madonna like Daft Punk has, you know you are doing ok. Can't where to see what Kill Paris goes in his career.

Kill Paris brings new meaning to a live DJ and Producer. He uses Ableton Live and his own custom controllers, which loop Bass, Guitar, Synth, and drum beats all while mixing in and out of songs. His live show has been described as something never seen or experienced before.

Currently affiliated with 3 different labels (Mode-2, Samoa Good, and Masv), Kill Paris has already had numerous releases on Beatport and other top Digital download fronts. Fusing together Electro-House, Dubstep, and Guitar/bass Funk, Kill Paris is definitely one to keep your eyes and ears on.

Can't wait to see where Kill Paris's career takes him. I've got these tracks on repeat right now. A stellar morning song to get you up and running. Boom! Enjoy xoxoxo

Stuff I Like

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Zedd - Spectrum feat. Matthew Koma ( Preview - drops June 4 )

Waiting for my flight details for tomorrow to Surabaya. Will be playing at Emperor Club Thursday night then off to Banjarmasin to play at Nashville Club on Friday. Check out this preview from Zedd, a kid who is blowing up Beatport and iTunes and signed with Interscope. Well done on this track. It sure is a spectrum. Banging.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

New Moon Healing

I've had my phone off for the weekend and haven't been near the internet as much as I usually am. Technology can be overwhelming sometimes. With sleepy eyes.... waking up, looking, checking texts, 2 emails accounts, fb, etc. I've really got to turn it off more. I love feeling like no one can find me and I don't have to respond to anyone.

It's been a beautiful and intense few days. I experienced a Balinese cremation ceremony the other day.... a truly humbling and powerful experience. A full blog post on that to come this week. I took as TON of pictures, and stayed until every person left.... and it was just the priest ringing a bell and an elder Balinese woman cleaning up. The embers of the burnt offerings crackled in the sunset, with thunder clapping in the distance. Wait to the full post. I left changed, altered somehow. A pure, vivid and surreal experience.

In light of my cel phone being OFF, I made this weekend my "Weekend of Healing". My recent health stuff has been a major wake-up call and I am taking every measure to be as good to myself as I can, physically, spiritually, mentally. I saw a very well-known massage healer yesterday here in Ubud. She reset my internal organs and worked with Tibetan singing bowls. As I left the massage, I  ( coincidently? )  met a charming middle-aged German woman who invited me to a New Moon Holy Water Purification Ceremony, which we went to today in Sebatu, 30 minutes north of Ubud. A full post to come on that too. I feel like a baby again. Or maybe even a virgin.

All in all, a very healing and relaxing weekend. I've booked another DJ contract to play in two Indonesian cities this week coming up.  2 gigs. 2 flights. 2 nights. All expenses paid. Very excited. Thanks to Amazon Agency. Such a pleasure to be on board.

I've been eating super healthy and hitting the gym hard. Getting stronger. Feeling good. Sleeping lots and napping whenever I want. Ahhhhh love naps.

That's all for today. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend, wherever you are :-)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Zafferano Singapore - My New DJ Residency

If you have read my last post on DJing, you will see I am very passionate about music, mixing and sharing the music I LOVE with a dancefloor and the world. It is a true pleasure and incredible opportunity to be chosen for the gig in Singapore at Zafferano's, a new concept in Italian cuisine which is currently being built in the beautiful city of Singapore.

"Zafferano Restaurant, Bar & Lounge is an Italian casual fine dining concept that features top quality food in a luxurious yet affordable setting. Zafferano is situated on the top floor (43rd) of a newly build fourth generation iconic building (Ocean Financial Centre) at Raffles Place. Z- Café is situated on the ground floor of the Ocean Financial Centre and will offer exquisite Italian meats, cheeses, bread and wines to bring back home and (takeaway) breakfast, lunch and drinks and snacks on our outside covered terrace.

This latest addition to the Singapore F&B landscape offers stunning views overlooking Marina Bay and will be the talk of the town in 2012 and years to come. The largest Italian restaurant in Singapore will have over 200 seats but remains intimate due to the tasteful design of several different areas that all have their own characteristic, including a roof terrace, lounge, bar, private dining, wine vault and an authentic Anti-Pasti station. Serving moderate portions of the finest Italian fare that can be shared or ordered as a multiple tasting menu, waste of the freshly prepared dishes will be avoided and it promotes a healthier lifestyle that will appeal both to women and men.

With over 60 open Italian wines, ranging from very affordable to exclusive and served from striking dispensers that can be operated through RFID cards, the F&B site of the business is well taken care of. After dinner service the bar/lounge will offer entertainment (DJ and/or live music). ( Moi!!!!! ) The service offered is personal, yet unobtrusive, warm and with attention to detail from arrival to departure. Guests will have the feeling to be welcomed to a warm Italian home where they are in control of creating their own experience with the assurance of the knowledgeable and genuine service of our hosts at their disposal at all times. Zafferano is the perfect location for any size of company, whether it is a quick business lunch, a private dinner for two or a private/company function for up to 250 guests."

The website for Zafferano's is still under construction and I will be posting it as soon as it is ready. For now, you can check out:

Not only will I be DJing the rooftop 6 nights a week, but I will be taking photo's, blogging and video-ing my whole Zafferano's experience. I cannot comprehend how excited I am to meet the team, see the restaurant, taste the food and MIX BEATS on the 43rd floor of a rooftop at sunset. Wow, getting goosebumps writing this.

It will be a quantum OPPOSITE to the hippy / beach / chill lifestyle that I have been living in Bali for the past 5 months. Bring on the luxury, baby. I'm ready.

Keep posted for more news and links on Zafferano's as I get it. What a true pleasure this gig will be!!

Lots of Love, Kate

Monday, 14 May 2012

Kill Paris - Shades of Funk

I've been dancing around in my underwear since 8am with this track on repeat. Definitely belongs on the blog. Happy Monday, kids. Kill it this week!!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

15,000 Hits

The blog is now actually at 15,600 hits ( 600 hits in the past 48 hours )

Keep posted for my video coming up in the next few days, announcing my exciting news and the new blog which I will move to in 8 weeks.

Thank you to all my readers and supporters. You all inspire me in your own way every day.

Lots of Love XO Kate

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Amazon Agency - All Female DJ Booking Agency

My new DJing opportunities are through Amazon Agency. Run by a beautiful Swedish woman named Stella, who resides in Kuala Lumpur, Amazon is a very busy boutique agency which connects luxury clients with International female DJ talent. Needless to say, I am VERY excited for my coming gigs and travels!! Thanks to Stella and Amazon for welcoming me so warmly and for your genuine kindness and professionalism. :-)

"Amazon Agency is a unique boutique DJ booking agency specializing in the best female DJs in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Its DJs are picked on their level of talent, professionalism and range of styles.

All Amazon Agency DJs have been practicing their craft for years, most have released music on independent and respected labels and all have fan bases and excellent sets that lift the most discerning crowds to a dance frenzy. 

From Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Miami, Berlin and every international destination these DJs play, partygoers confirm that female DJs have a style, a finesse and an ability to move the crowd that the boys simply don’t have. As they say, the women are smarter and Amazon Agency has the smartest ladies of dance available for your events."

For more info and a full list of DJs please contact:

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

DJing. Travel. Opportunities.

Being a self-proclaimed, reformed tomboy, I spent most days in my teens chilling with the guys. One day, these boys went to a rave and discovered house music and they thought it would be cool to be DJ's. They bought turntables and taught themselves how to DJ. When I asked them "How do you do it?". Their reply? "You can't do it. You're a girl."

So I did. I borrowed money from my parents to get turntables ( after I submitted a very serious business plan ), taught myself to match beats in my bedroom, played some truly awkward and terrible performances before getting comfortable and truly enjoying it. Since then, I have played hundreds upon hundreds of gigs in Canada and many throughout the US, Switzerland, Australia and Bali..... and here I am, 10 years later, still booking sweet gigs in Asia.

These boys who taught me, are still doing their thing. My good friend Jeff Daniels is actually a very-well known producer in Vancouver. Blowing up, he is. Nothing but proud of you, babe! Love you, Jeff and thanks for taking me to that rave. E3 baby. ;) Yew!

I never pushed my DJ career too hard because I didn't want to be a big-time DJ. I've had some incredible offers come my way, but you don't always have to say YES to everything that is put in front of you. It fact sometimes it's better to kindly say "No thanks."...... and be patient. Something better will always come after. That goes for everything in life. Relationships. Jobs. Apartments. Lesson? Exercise patience.

More about me: I'm a hippie at heart and most days prefer to be far, far away from buildings, traffic, cars and people. I'm content with very little ( sand, ocean, palm trees ), but love the finer things in life ( champagne, expensive hotels, things that sparkle and start with the letter D ) I know! How confusing is that? Pity the man that marries me. ( Lucky bastard )

I've honestly grown out of the whole "club thing".  I prefer intimate, classy, beautiful parties at unique locations with interesting people. Beach parties at sunset are my absolute favorite <3   Nothing beats playing music you LOVE for people dancing and smiling in bare feet as the sun sets over the ocean. It's magic. ( Shout out to the famed Wreck Beach parties in Vancouver! ) Next time I play music, I will think of my late friends, Randy Ponzio and Mike Grefner, who were legends in the music scene in Vancouver.

So I mentioned recently on Facebook, I have a very cool opportunity coming up soon. It won't be until July and it is NOT in Bali. I can't tell you that much more right now, other than it is DOPE! I have a NEW BLOG set-up, which I will take over while I am there. I'm also going to really start working my Youtube channel. Plant seeds in the internet. They grow! Plant seeds in your life...... and water them daily.

On that note. Stay tuned. Pictures, videos, thoughts, words, and MUSIC to come. 

Enjoy your life. Play good music and play it loud. Share music - it's for sharing. Be good to each other. Eat your vegetables.......... and don't forget....... to SLAPPA DA BASS :)

John Mayer, I Love You

Friday, 4 May 2012

Pleasure, Procrastination and Planning

"Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." Or so the saying goes. We all make plans. Evening plans. Weekend plans. One or three month or longer away PLANS. How much of these plans are in line with our personal goals? How much of these engagements of time are in line with our SELF and what our HEART truly desires, in the long-term not just the short-term ( i.e. I want an ice cream, I want to have sex, I want a nap, etc. ) I've been living in Bali for 5 months now. Time sure does fly when you're flying.

I've made a very cute little home / nest for myself here in Bali and I am generally happy as I have pleasure and convenience at my fingertips. By that I mean that I prepare the kettle, my cup and my coffee the night before, so that when I wake up in the morning all I have to do is plug in my kettle on my bedside table and voila, coffee in bed. Also, I've got the internet in bed, which offers me the world at my fingertips, literally. I can communicate with loved ones, blog, research whatever random thought I have in that moment and do WORK. Yes, The Bali Chick WORKS!

What do I do you may wonder? How does this chick live this lifestyle galavanting from beach to beach? What do I do to make an income? In Bali you can't just go out and work in a cafe or a restaurant or bartend..... those jobs are reserved for locals. It's hard to work here.... to make a living. But I've figured it out. I don't work in an office. My bed is often my office, as I work on the internet. It's been a struggle recently, financially, and still am really..... but I'm getting by. I'm doing Social Media for one friends company and Copy-Writing ( writing content for websites ) for another dear friend. Thanks guys - you saved my butt. My expenses in Bali are literally nothing. In Canadian prices, my rent is $200 a month, my bike rental is $50, gas is $2 to fill the tank. Food and eating out is generally really low. I eat Padang most days, which is Muslim - rice, veggies, tofu or tempe ( soybean ) with sambal ( spicy chili ). Plus the other household expenses: laundry, cleaning stuff, toilet paper, water, etc.

Pleasure. I am a huge fan of pleasure. Who isn't? I love my simple luxuries. Hot showers, shaving my legs, washing my hair, hair masks, painting my nails. Drinking coffee in bed. Riding my scooter through the rice fields on a brilliant sunny day. Reading a good book and listening to the rain on the roof. Chocolate Truffle Magnum Icecream bars - My new boyfriend. I see him at least twice a week. I take him home and we have a great time. I don't feel guilty...... I just feel pleasure. I'm single and I'm happy. I haven't made a huge amount of close friends in Ubud, but that's just fine because I love spending time with my favorite person: me.

Procrastination. We're all guilty of this from one time to another. I am a huuuuge procrastinator. Have you read my blog? I don't exactly write everyday, now do I? Why do I find it so hard to just sit and write, when I ENJOY it so much?? Sometimes it's easier to just say "I will do it later / tomorrow." Sometimes it's easier to just take a nap. I am famous for my naps. Some people can't do it. I can do it very easily. I love napping. And when I procrastinate, this is what I usually do instead. What I have found is that when you just go and DO IT, whatever "it" is, it is always a lot easier and more pleasurable than you think it will be. For some odd reason, we convince ourselves that these "things to do" won't bring us pleasure, when really.... the act of doing them and mentally checking it off your list, does in fact bring a sense of pleasure.

Planning. I don't usually make them. There are always options, what to do tonight, tomorrow, this week, this month...... but nothing is written in stone. Life is flexible and I try to live my life and do what I feel. If I want ice cream, I eat it. If I want a nap, I will take a nap. If I am feeling inspired, energized and ready to take on the world...... I hit the internet, and send emails, communicate with my network and create opportunities. Your life is your life, so if you aren't living it for you, you better start doing it.

Now I understand it's not the same for everyone. Not everyone can live in Bali and work on the internet. You may be stuck working a job you hate to pay off debt. You may be a new mother, and your needs and wants come after those of your child. You may have 3 kids, 2 jobs and no man to help you out emotionally or financially. You may live in a war-torn country. My blog is reaching all kinds of people...... Russia, Africa, Ireland. I recently got an email from a woman in Venezuela, who is ready to change her life and reached out to me. I love the internet for this. There are so many people in this beautiful world from all backgrounds and walks of life. I understand this and try to put myself in other peoples shoes often, which is why I feel so lucky and truly grateful on a day to day basis.

Change. Change occurs naturally in life. The seasons change. People change. Jobs, apartments, relationships, and friendships CHANGE. Life is a constant flow of change, just like the ebb and tide of the ocean. Although we don't realize it, our lives and the circles of change are very much in tune with the cycles of the moon. Here in Bali, the moon cycles are celebrated. In fact, there is a ceremony for every black ( new ) and full moon. It is a truly beautiful thing. The full moon is this Saturday and I feel change on the horizon, not just in the next few weeks... to the next moon change.... but in the next few moons to come.

Everyone thinks I have been living in the sun for the past 5 months, galavanting beach to beach with flowers in my hair and not a care in the world..... which is only partly true. Ubud is usually cloudy, with dramatic thunderstorms and rarely are there fully blue-sky days. I've been lonely and had money worries, just like everyone else. I've had amazing days and days where I just want to sleep it away and see awake to tomorrow with fresh eyes.

In the next moon cycle, I plan to move out of Ubud. I love my sweet little apartment here and the beautiful family who I rent the place from dearly, but the time has come for me to embrace change once again and discover new oceans. "Man must have courage to lose sight of the shore in order to reach new oceans", afterall. My next destination is Canggu. It's quiet, green and near the ocean. And more sunny! After spending the week on Gili Trawangan ( full blog post to come on that, I'm still in awe ), I discovered that I am truly a beach baby. I love having the sand and salt on my skin. The ocean cleanses the aura, they say, so as I did in Australia 10 years ago, I want to be in the ocean every single day.

In the MONTHS and moons to come, I have been presented with an opportunity that is very exciting. It is a choice that will absolutely change my life. I have an announcement that I will make soon, but not yet..... as it is not yet "set in stone". Aka, I am waiting on the contract. It will be a quantum opposite change to the lifestyle I have been living. I plan to continue the blog on the "new" blog I have registered. Yes, Bali still has my heart and I want to build a house here one day. I looked at land in the Gili's and I know I have to work hard for what I want. The opportunity that has crossed my path I cannot say no to. Financially and esthetically, it's very glamourous and my heart, parents and close friends are telling me to GO FOR IT!! So I will leave you in suspense :)

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please stay tuned for my post on the beautiful Gili T. And take my words to heart. Find the balance between pleasure and moving forward. Live in the moment, but act proactively for tomorrow at the same time. Life isn't all about pleasure, nor is it all about pain. But I believe there is a beautiful balance between the two. Do what you need to do today, to move forward tomorrow, and reward yourself with your idea of pleasure, whatever it is.... a Magnum Icecream Bar or a luxurious cat nap. Love, Kate