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Monday, 30 April 2012

I Left My Heart in Gili Trawangan

I've just arrived back in Ubud, after spending a full 7 days on Gili Trawangan. What a beautiful, unique and strange island. I miss it already. There will be a full, long, heart-to-heart post coming soon, but for now I will sum up what I have seen, tasted, heard, touched, smelled and felt in the last week in point-form.

No cars. No motor bikes. Dirt roads. Horse-drawn carriages. Pedal bikes. Sand bags. No police! An island governed by the people. Old world. Lots and lots of tanned skin. Young cool Indonesian guys, mostly from Lombok. Happy, smiling faces. So much talent!!!! Late-night grass-front private jams. Beaded anklets. Cats. So, so many cats. No dogs ( not even ONE! ). Fresh fish beautifully displayed at dusk. Turquoise blue water. Coral. A sea urchin in my foot ( ouch ). Reggae. Muslim announcements on the public speaker at dawn, midday and dusk. Magic. Flowers growing wild - so many colors! Flowers in my hair. Hardly any Aussies! Lots of Europeans, mostly Austrians and Germans. Delicious egg, cheese and tomato jaffle breakfast. Dirty feet. Lots of showers. Salty-skin. Sun-kissed. Sand in my hair. Property sales inquiries. I want a piece! Sunset bonfires. Palm tree bungalows. Life as it should be. Simple. Beautiful.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Jocelyn Gordon - Creator of HoopYogini™, Professional Hoop Dancer & Master Level Instructor Life Coach, facilitating Transformation through Dance, Conscious Movement and Fun

Photo by Cadence :
I met Jocelyn Gordon on the night of "Nyepi", New Years Eve in Bali. Around 11pm, hundreds of people made their way to the Monkey Forest in Ubud to watch the burning of the Ogah Ogah - ceremonial monsters that had been created for Nyepi. I saw Jocelyn, a tall, dark-skinned, svelte goddess with a long feather earring. I commented on her earring and we began chatting. She was teaching some sort of hula hoop yoga class at the Bali Spirit Festival, and came across as incredibly deep, emotionally centered and wise well beyond her years.

After the Ogah-burning, we somehow managed to get 4 people on her friends motorbike ( totally not safe, but totally fun and very funny ), and made our way out for drinks. Speaking with Jocelyn more, I found that this woman is truly unique in the craft that she has invented and teaches: HoopYogini.

My next exchange with Jocelyn was at the Bali Spirit Festival teaching her HoopYogini class. Although I am absolutely no expert with a hula-hoop, I joined, and within 5 minutes, I had it down pat! The secret is back and forth! Not circles!! Who knew?! And man it looks and FEELS so good. Hooping is sexy. After teaching at the Bali Spirit Festival, Jocelyn taught at the "Sacred Circularities" workshop in Ubud.

Jocelyn combines yoga and stretching with hula hooping in a truly unique and original exercise that is her own beautiful creation. On top of the amazing workout HoopYogini™ this gives you, Jocelyn is also a life coach and "Theta" healer, Her voice is soothing. Her words are inspiring. She is on top of her game and is going to achieve so much in her lifetime. I know Jocelyn will help many people around the world through her creative, positive and loving pursuits.

Check out her interview below the photos. Her website with audio recordings and videos and more are featured at the bottom of the post.

Jocelyn, you are such a beautiful woman. Inside and out. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful world with me.  "You and I Verse" :) <3

Photo by Cadence :
Jocelyn with Oscar winning actress Marisa Tomei on the set of HoopBody DVD  - Filming produced by Gaiam
Photo by Cadence :

K: How old are you?

J: Really, do I have to answer this one? I prefer the question "What is your chronological age in this current incarnation?" I generally like to ask others their guestimation of my age... The general consensus is 26 (in this current incarnation, I've had about a decade more of time on this planet:)

K: Where were you born? 

J: I was born in Hamilton, Bermuda. Yes, I survived The Bermuda Triangle.

K: When and where did you start practicing yoga? 

J: New York Cit Baby! 1997 at Crunch Fitness in SoHo. It was a Jivamukti style class. Shortly thereafter, I started practicing at the Jivamukti Yoga Center (located at that time at Astor Pl). At the same time I was studying pan-African dance particularly Afro-Haitian and Samba (my favorite!!! the way, Samba means "to pray".) I was also working in the entertainment industry doing marketing, product placement and assisting a few friends who were fashion stylists. It was a fun time and also a confusing time as I was uncertain as to where I wanted to invest my talents. Yoga and dance helped me remember that I've always been interested in the healing arts. Now, I have the pleasure and the opportunity to combine the movement arts and media. My first HoopYogini instructional DVD is in post-production.

K: Tell me about incorporating hoop into your yoga.... What was the first experience you had doing this? Was it an epiphany? 

J: Through my training as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, breath awareness (especially through the Three Part Breath aka Durga Pranayam) became an emphasis of my daily practice. In warm-ups with the hoop - inhaling and lifting the hoop and then exhaling and bringing the hoop back down to the thigh area - I observed how the circle of the hoop mirrors the circular nature of our breath. I then started exploring that link while hooping on the core. Combined with my experience as a Massage Therapist and Instructor, I noticed how the hoop massages the core and provides a kinesthetic (felt sense) anchor for receiving and releasing. Then, I moved the hoop up to my diaphragm and massaged this amazing flat muscle that is a major player in our respiration. Onwards and upwards to the chest area to expand the lungs and the energetic heart.

The hoop combines my loves and long time paths of study ~ dance, yoga, meditation and massage. HoopYogini is a holistic expression to assist the practitioner in deepening a connection to her breath, strengthening her core, and liberating her dreams through expressive movement. All this allows her to release tension in the body mind, clear her energetic space, discover and listen to her inner teacher and thus allow the life of her dreams to unfold with grace and ease. The practice also provides huge therapeutic benefit to other systems of the body (keeps the spine flexible, tones the muscles, assists circulation, etc).

K: How related is HoopYogini to you and the universe? You say in class, "be in your own universe." Please explain what this means to you and what you would like to share with people. 

J: Thank you for this question. "Stand in the center of your personal Universe..." That's somewhat of an opening invocation of the practice. This simply means "get connected." "....Plant your feet (our whatever is the physical root of your posture) and stand in the center. Assume a posture of being centered, alert and present." I also add "where it's all about you." I mean that in a non-selfish way basically to communicate that from our own perspective we navigate through the world and our relationships.

Pay attention and be mindful are the foundational messages of this invocation. It also acknowledges the Universe within and throughout which we are moving through - again from our own perspective - as we seek a unified awareness. We are our own Universe (Or as a friend shares it ~ You and I Verse). This cue also relates to the Shiva Shakti illustration where Shiva is in the center and IS The Center. He is unmoving as he observes the dynamic play (movements) of Shakti.

One more thing, everything in the Universe spins (Shakti!). It's natural. We're all Spinners (ha ha!). This is why hooping feels so good. It a sensual and obvious expression of what is happening within and throughout. It's organic. It's the way things are....This is sacred geometry made simple. Some folks come to hooping for weight loss (hooping burns 400 - 600 calories an hour!). Some for stress relief and emotional balance. Others for self-expression. We all return (re-turn...get it? :) because it feels good!!!!

K: Where do you see yourself in a year? What about 10 years? 

J: One Year: Right now, I'm visioning myself in Bali! With Bali as my SEA base to then share HoopYogini and life transformation through dance with Beings in Australia, Singapore and beyond. I'm leading my HoopYogini Holistic Fitness & Embodied Leadership Training in the US, Asia and more which includes a high-quality online mentoring program and three instructional DVDs/audio visual media offerings.

I'm modeling for and sponsored by conscious businesses and clothing lines, as well as manifesting my own longtime dream to create a "studio to street" line of wearable art. My daughter and I have a great relationship ( she's 11 years old now) and we are both optimally healthy, radiant and relaxed.

In ten years... Wow, thanks again for this one: Through HoopYogini, Bhakti Boogie® and other life dance art expressions, I've helped thousands liberate themselves from TraumaDrama (the stories and experiences that restrict our true potential and ability to be in full service and flow to and with the Universe). (I too am fully released from the TraumaDrama.) My daughter, mother and I relate fabulously and co-create many beautiful experiences together.

 I'm mentoring emerging and expanding movement education leaders. I am financially free and fully present to play on this great planet anchoring with ease the reality of Heaven on Earth for all Beings. I have homes and community in Bali, Brazil and the San Francisco Bay area (I like 'B' places). I am content, relaxed, optimally healthy and radiant in every moment.

K: Please tell me about your latest venture: Theta Healing 

J: Theta Healing ("downloaded" by Vianna Stibal) shows you how to go inwards and upwards to Source (Creator, Great Spirit, Goddess, God, All that Is, Oneness...however you see "IT") to then "see" on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually - what needs to be healed. The practice empowers all Beings to be in direct communication and presence with Source (whereas many religions tell us we require an intermediary), and from this relationship thus experience non-duality and know that all things are possible.

Here are just a few things the practitioner is reminded that they can "do" and with permission, co-create for a receiver of Theta Healing: Clear the energetic space of anyone or anything not in their highest and best interest Download feelings and definitions of feelings (as defined by Source) such as the feeling of Unconditional Love and or the Creator's definition of Unconditional Love Repair and heal the aura Open and align the chakras, Activate DNA, Communicate with DNA and all systems to allow for hormonal balance and optimal health Remove erroneous belief systems and replace them with truth programs. I had my first experience with Theta Healing last July at the Wanderlust Festival (epic!) in Squaw Valley. An amazing woman intuitively shared that I would really connect with the practice and that she saw me getting really involved with sharing it on the planet.

I then had a 15 minute session with Alexis Lovemonster, my Theta Healing teacher. The session covered erroneous beliefs that were running the show (ie the operating system controlling my computer of daily thoughts and actions) in regards to my relationship with my mother, my relationship to mothering and my relationship to men. Hello!!!! Fifteen minutes and I got some serious downloads which have liberated my awareness in many ways. I then became a Theta Healing Practitioner and while in the training realized how broad the practice is.

During my recent working vacation in Bali, I had the pleasure and opportunity to give over twenty sessions. Theta Healing is such an amazing practice to witness and allow. I'm so grateful for the folks who gave me permission to enter their energetic space, "see" and witness profound healing and awareness in their lives and subconscious. Theta Healing is broad, however, it appears that I have a knack for Future Readings, Soul Fragment Retrievals, emotional balancing and clearing the energy field, as well as, infusing the energy field and chakras with truth affirmations.

For myself, I go into Theta daily to facilitate the above bulleted points. The practice assists me greatly in trusting my intuitive abilities, seeing "The Big Picture" in difficult situations, aligning myself with the will of Spirit, and on a very practical level, has helped me get to sleep on restless nights. I'm available for in-person and phone/Skype Theta Healing Sessions. They are 30 - 60 minutes at the rate of $55 per half hour. I am also open to barters and exchanges that are beautifully aligned for both parties.

Be Well!
Ecstatic Embodiment Expert & Coach Professional Hoop Dancer & Master Level Instructor Creator of HoopYogini , Bhakti Boogie® & Lovers Rock® Dance Heaven on Earth


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Leftboy........ I love this kid.

I found "I Want To" ( video below - which he also directed ) about a month ago. I LOVE love love this kids voice...... All his songs sound so different. His voice is original. His rhymes are tight. Can't wait to see where he goes. Hopefully to Bali, so I can meet him and interview him for the blog.

"As you live Deeper in the Heart, the Mirror gets clearer and cleaner."~ Rumi

The Soundmen - Funny Feeling feat. All Dom Wrong

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Healing Heat and Holistic Happiness

I spent the day at the Mount Batur Hot Springs yesterday. My Canadian pro-blogger friend, 2 silly Germans and I hired a driver and left shortly after 10am. A beautiful and flawless sunny day.

Mount Batur, which wiped out the surrounding village of Kintamani in 1964, is now a rebuilt and flourishing farmland. There are quite a few hot springs located around the still active volcano, but "Batur Hot Springs" is the "only healing hot spring" in Bali. Basically the pools are carved out of lava rock, and the water is 100% from the spring.

The fee to enter is 100,000 rupiah. You are given a towel, shampoo, a welcome drink ( I got fresh-squeezed Tamarind juice ) and a fried banana ( delicious ). There is also a swim-up bar that offers ice cold Bintangs, soft drinks and fresh juices. So not completely natural, but well worth the added addition.

There are occasionally yoga classes and special ceremonies that take place in the pools as well. I will have to be notified of the next event, so I can go check it out. I will definitely be going back very soon :)

Monday, 16 April 2012

My New Obsession...... Sacred Geometry

As first light suffuses the darkness, to touch the earth with fiery color, to kiss the tips of trees and mountain tops, to bathe the land in light. Every leaf, and flower, every insect and blade of grass responds ecstaticly. Every animal and drop of water is the exquisite nuance of earth's response to her sun, and to the center of the galaxy ♥

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chilli Peppers ( Brummer Remix )

Yup the Bali Chick gets down with music. Check this little diddy out. It's on repeat here in Bali. So good.

Now that I've figured out Soundcloud..... BOOM. Much more to come ;)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Alchemy in Ubud - Rad, Real and RAW

Raw Energy Snow Balls

"Hydrate, Alkalize, Transform."

What's the BUZZ on Alchemy in Ubud? Who is the Colon Whisperer?! All the kids are going here and there's no secret why Alchemy is the new super hot raw-food hangout in Ubud, Bali. Started and owned by James, Elena and Suki in September 2011, Alchemy offers colonics, juices, raw treats and many other hard-to-find items that are on the shopping list for those who live and breathe the science of health.

I had a bad stomach flu a few weeks ago, and my friends and parents urged me to to go the doctor and get on some anti-biotics. The doctor was busy...... so I listened to my gut. Literally. I listened to my sad and aching tummy......... I needed a fresh juice. I needed some living nutrients in my body. After not being able to hold even water for a few days, I came into Alchemy, weak and looking for an answer. I ordered a tall Green Juice ( a blend of green juices with ginger ) and as it went down into my stomach, and into my blood, I swear..... I felt better by the second.

A few moments later, the famous CW ( Suki ) came into the shop. I said hello to the beautiful raw goddess, explained my "situation", and she reached into the fridge and handed me her Probiotic Blend. 2 probiotics in Coconut Water. The sugars create a fizz, she explained to me, and they felt soooooo good on my traumatized tummy. In the hours and days, that followed, I swear this is what made me feel better. And I didn't have to take any anti-biotics! YAY!

So maybe all these Raw Foodies are onto something? We ALL know how we FEEL after we eat a carrot... or an apple.... or a fresh ripe tomato from the garden. Opposed to how we FEEL after we eat a handful of chips. We feel a difference! On a molecular level. On a cellular level. We are plants, people. We need sun and water, to grow to be our best. OK, so it might be border-line impossible to eat like this all the time..... but doesn't it make you want to go and eat something fresh right now? I know there is a papaya that has been sitting on my terrace ripening for the last two days, and I literally can't wait to go and eat it for breakfast in the morning.

On that note..... Love sugar? I know I love it. Love chocolate? What about mint? Coconut? Let your mouth water with Raw Peanut Butter Cups, Raw Chocolate Brownies and Raw Cheesecake - Made by Shanti and Olesya ( and which you can buy by-the-cake ), there's really no excuse why the rest of the world doesn't turn to RAW.

In conclusion, as our world shifts more and more towards local, organic, healthy........ why not choose RAW? There are literally thousands upon thousands of recipes, books, gurus, Youtube channels and websites dedicated to this. I'm into it. One papaya at a time :)

For those with a Sweet Tooth:
  • Raw Cheesecakes & Pies
  • Raw Chocolates & Candies
  • Raw Ice Cream bars
  • Raw Chocolate Brownies
  • Raw Peanut Butter Cups
  • Raw chocolate Chewy Bars
  • Raw Cupcakes
  • Energy Balls
  • Raw Sugar-free Stevia chocolates
  • Raw Luxury Chocolate Truffles
For a Happy Tummy:
  • Cultured Probiotic Vegetables & Sourkrout
  • Cocobiotic – Probiotic fermented coconut water
  • Raw Fermented Vegan cheese variety
  • Raw Breads & Crackers
  • Raw Kale Chips
  • Nut & Berry Trail mixes
  • Salad Dressings
  • Fresh nut milks
  • Cold-pressed coffee lattes

    The Store
    Raw chocolate mint swirl cheesecake
    Alchemy on Facebook:

    Alchemy Website:

    Thursday, 12 April 2012

    Guest Post by Candice Benson

    I am sitting here drinking tora bika (ginger coffee which I am now absolutely addicted to!), I will attempt to put into words my experience in Bali, one that has truly changed me...  A whirlwind of working at the incredible Bali Spirit Festival, motorbike road trip to the east coast, and some time to just “be”, go on long photo walks and write.... it was incredible.

    Bali.  A name that evokes images of exotic green rice terraces, mysterious temples, lush palms and spirituality.  This magnificent island offers different gifts to different people – everybody’s experience is unique.  Some come to Bali to party, surf and drink Bintangs all day; some come to be pampered in five star resorts.  Some come for a spiritual sabbatical, some for the yoga, meditation and raw food,
    Many never leave. 
    My experience was mixture of the latter (although unfortunately I did have to leave....this time ;))

    Known as the “Island of the Gods”, and for good reason,  Bali is an island rich with an extraordinary culture not found anywhere else in the world.  Although the island is in Indonesia, the Balinese do not practice Islam, rather an ancient version of Hinduism (different from the Hinduism practiced in India) This modified religion is unique to the island. The Balinese strongly believe that every living thing has a soul and ancestor worship is prominent in their rituals.  
    I stayed with my best friend Kate who is living in Ubud;  a haven for artists, yogis and all things spiritual. 
    Ubud is very special.  
    Intricate, moss-covered temples are an Ubud fixture, found on almost every block, not unlike the prevalence of Starbucks in North America.  Cracked, stone carved images of the god Ganesh and guardian creatures guard these sacred spaces beneath massive ornately carved pillars that lead to the main temple complex.  The scent of incense and jasmine is everywhere.  I look at my surroundings in awe ....

    Candice Benson Photography

    Candice Benson Photography

    First days.....
    Sitting on the back of Kate’s motorbike while driving through the beautiful streets of Ubud on my first day in town was amazing.  A feast for the eyes.  Winding down, spotless streets (the Balinese are always sweeping....always, ALWAY  sweeping!!) surrounded by coconut palms, we passed homes made of beautiful brick and stone, surrounded by stunning gardens and water features.  Most having ornate carved doors and traditional stone structures at the entry that resembled those at the large temple complexes....this sure beats vinyl siding and pink stucco.  Art shops, yoga wear stores, galleries and cafes hosting names such as “Namaste”, “Om Fine Jewelry” and  smiling, peaceful faces are everywhere.   The scent of incense always fills my nostrils.  Complete tolerance, acceptance and love are evident and displayed by both Balinese and foreigners.  I am in my element and truly, blissfully happy in this place.     
    Candice Benson Photography
    Waking up early each morning, Kate and I enjoyed our ginger coffees on her lovely terrace overlooking the family’s beautiful gardens and small shrine.  Every day we watched silently as the owner’s wife and daughter make offerings of incense, rice and flowers to the many shrines located throughout the property.  They did not know they had observers and went about their daily rituals silently and serenel.y  This was usually the highlight of my day.

    One evening, while dining solo with my plate of nasi goreng in a small roadside warung (restaurant) conveniently located across from a large temple, I listened to the sounds of gongs, drums and mysterious chanting.  I have had the great fortune of visiting Ubud during a very special time.... right now there is a Balinese ceremony paying homage to the spirits, Made, the owner’s son explained to me.  Beautiful women with long black hair, dressed in elaborate silk dresses, carefully balanced offerings of fruit, flowers and incense on their heads as they entered the temple.  The profound sense of spirituality is felt everywhere, even by this Canadian lucky enough to witness such an important evening from across the street.  The sounds and scents were mesmerizing.

    Candice Benson Photography

    Bali Spirit Festival: A True Celebration of Yoga, Music and Dance
    Candice Benson Photography
    I had come to Ubud during the Bali Spirit Festival and had been lucky enough to have been offered the opportunity to be one of the official photographers, and Kate an official festival blogger! 
    We drove through small towns and winding roads to reach Purnatis, the main outdoor venue of the festival.  Kate and I excitedly put on our staff passes in the media centre and took off to explore the grounds.  I was completely astonished by the magnitude of this festival!!! Massive outdoor complex with multiple yoga shalas, a large media centre, a beautiful pool overlooking the lush rice terraces, a variety of spiritual healers, many food stalls with international food, hammocks and chill-out spaces galore. The base of the grounds is near a beautiful temple.  This was not just a few yogis in a field!  I was blown away.

    Candice Benson Photography
    Candice Benson Photography

    The evening concert grounds were equally as spectacular.  Located in the outdoor grounds of a Balinese museum, the backdrop of the stage was magnificent.....a temple... Surrounded by gardens and palms, this outdoor venue was incredible.  Literally, a musicians dream to perform on such a beautiful stage with the energy of a massive crowd from all corners of the earth.  World music unites here as we all danced the night away to smooth Latin beats, reggae, rock, hip-hop and traditional Balinese music.  Beautifully contrasting images of fireshows by young shirtless Balinese men with a crazy dubstep soundtrack,  and then a display of the ancient kekac chant dance. 
    Dreadlocks, Heinekens, blinking hoola hoops, young families, and yogis were abundant.  Dozens of languages spoken.  The world was represented at this awesome three-night party.  Good vibes and happy beats felt by everyone.

    Having the opportunity to be welcomed onto the Bali Spirit team was really special for me.  Being able to capture through my lens the spectacular surroundings was incredible. 
    Yoga.  Spirituality. Music. Smiling, joyful, beautiful faces. Contentment.  Many hugs. Happiness.  Abundance. Music. Love.  A dream for these two Canadian girls.

    Journey to the beach.....
    Near the end of my journey, Kate and I decided to take a 3 hour motorbike road trip to the east coast of the island.  A beautiful drive through small villages and spectacular mountain passes.  The plan was to  drive until somewhere caught our eye and we settled at the small coastal town of Padang Bai.  The gateway to Lombok and the Gili Islands, this is a diving mecca.  Dozens of dive shops, reggae bars and beautiful villas surrounded us as we checked into Padang Bai Beach Resort.  A stunning hideaway of bungalows set amongst a Balinese garden and a large pool.  This was quite the treat after a whirlwind five days of working the festival. 
    Now for our silly, crazy fun night!  A night of many Bintangs, karaoke, new friends and some (maybe too much) “arak” (similar to tequila...quite pungent,  this drink ranges from 50-65% alcohol but makes for a pretty fun night!)  We settled into the Sunshine Bar and danced (and hideously sang) the night away with a local Balinese cover band.  An entertaining night that ended with us hopping over ditches with two Balinese guys to check out a late night food market.  We feasted on chicken, fish and an assortment of other unknown and mysterious delicacies.  No English was spoken here so we experimented.  The next day we went to the Blue Lagoon Beach.... and blue lagoon it was!  We took the staircase down to a beautiful cove with crystal clear waters, white sand and gigantic brilliant blue, yellow and pink fish that could be seen all the way from the shore.  It was a little beach paradise that we were pretty happy to indulge in.  The trip home found us a little lost, but we happily found our way through tiny villages with happy people and big smiles.  Stopping at a small roadside food stall, we enjoyed rice with chicken, tasty sauce and nuts.  All for $1 CDN. 

    A few final thoughts....
    It would be easy to go on and on, describing the endless special moments we had on this island – but will leave you with a few final thoughts.  (Those of you who know me well are likely waiting for the emotional “Candice-style” ending to my story.)  Here it is.  J
    As in many tropical places, life is carried out at a slower pace.  Family is incredibly important and something that is absolutely cherished.  Community is celebrated and spirituality is close to the heart.

    Bali is not without its troubles and as with all nations, there is sometimes turbulence and unrest.  However, while looking at the quality of life and attitudes of the Balinese, do they know something we don’t? 
    I think perhaps they do. 
    Wealth is not defined by material “things”.
    Bali has reminded me.....

    -It so very important to live in the moment. (This can be difficult for me, thank you Kate for always reminding me of this)  It is paramount to our happiness.

    -We are always EXACLTY where we need to be.  There are always struggles and adversities.  Always.  But it’s how we choose to deal with them and accept that they are somehow leading us down the path we are meant to travel.

    -Pay attention.  Moments will pass you by so quickly .... LIFE will pass you by so quickly ... if we are not paying attention and do not GIVE attention to what really matters. 

    -Do not watch your life go by, having not truly “lived”.

    -Very little is needed to create a happy life.

    A Thank You to Kate......
    Thank you for sharing this experience with me, it is something I will never forget. 
    The whole experience was incredible and I am so truly lucky to have been able to share it with you. I will never forget our motorbike rides through rice terraces, the lovely small villages and tiny beachside towns.

    Eating food at small roadside stalls with wrinkled, toothless, happy faces. Communicating only with gestures and smiles, rather than language. 

    I will never forget the first motorbike ride you took me on the day I arrived..... the warmth of the sun as we flew by countless temples, elegant Balinese ladies with fruit on their heads, small children shouting greetings with the hugest smiles I've ever seen.
    The smell of jasmine and frangipani everywhere.

    Bali has re-connected me to my creativity, and ultimately connecting me more to myself. I will always be grateful for this incredible experience.

    My experience in Bali has left me feeling blessed ... and I owe so much of this to you. You are an amazing, kind, couragous person and belong there .... and I cannot wait to see you and the Island of the Gods again. ♥ ♥ LOVE YOU

    PS- for those of you that have heard my travel stories, you know that I always have a terrible monkey-related story to tell ....  this trip was no exception. 
    Apparently someone got a little too close to her baby.....