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Friday, 6 January 2012

First month in Bali - 3 parts Zen, 1 part Party

I have been in Bali now for a little over a month. I'm accustomed to the time difference, the heat, the bottled water and showering a minimum of 3 times a day. I've felt happy, blissful, confused, lonely, sad, and utterly proud.... that I have come here and am truly living this dream. I'm creating a life for myself here and it is brand new and challenging on a daily basis, yet wonderfully satisfying and truly blissful.

Times are tough and I am still looking for steady work. I don't really want to DJ. Kuta life is pretty nuts, so I know I have to keep focused and find somewhere peaceful and green to live. Hop on the yoga bandwagon. Wake up in the early morning to have my coffee under a frangipani tree. The party lifestyle can suck you in here..... it can in any place. Partying like a rockstar is fun and exciting, yet a swirling and soul-less vortex of days missed and shitty hangovers. If this becomes your life..... days, weeks, months and years pass. You don't really get anything accomplished. You can't think clearly. You lose yourself.

I took a year of sobriety last year.....  365 days of not a single drink. I have to say accomplishing this was one of the things I am most proud of. It was hard, yet easy, because I felt so damn amazing and healthy. I was so spiritually happy, my mind and thoughts were so clear. Like a smooth lake, reflecting like a mirror. Absolute serenity.

I've had a few big nights out since I "came off the wagon" in June. I've found balance, for the most part, with alcohol. The clubs here are nuts. Truly. Nightly fireshows and pretty damn good music. The air is hot. The bodies are tanned and sweaty. The drinks are cheap. The mushrooms are awesome and filthy cheap. You can buy them everywhere and they blend them up with orange Fanta and you sip them from a plastic cup. It's ridiculous how beautiful here as it is in Bali, and with or without some mushies in your system, words really don't do it this magical paradise justice. I know my mother is going to tell me to remove this from my blog, but I speak truth to my readers, so you must know all of it!

I can see how people would get sucked into this. I know myself, and I know my weaknesses, so I just need to keep reminding myself of my goals, where I want to be, how I envision my life and being conscious of the steps I need to make to get there.

My 2 year goal is to buy a villa in Bali. Or perhaps a plot of land, and build it myself. Well, have it built obviously....... totally eco-friendly and green. Property is cheap here, so I just have to be strategic with my work, saving, investments and planning. I've already had a few boys saying they will buy a villa here.... and I can live in it. A truly thoughtful gesture....... but I would lose all independence! This is not the destiny for The Bali Chick.

Staying focused and inspired and finding happiness every single day ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Anyways, that's all for today. I will be doing my first video blog this weekend. For realzy. So wait for it. Peace out xx

Love, The Bali Chick

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