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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bali Spirit Festival - Day 1

Scooter with Candice on back. Very lost. Follow flags. Palm trees. We're here! Parking lot. So many bikes! Not many cars. This makes me happy. Even though they are motor bikes. Arrive at festival. We are shown Media Centre and given a brief tour. The grounds are BEAUTIFUL!! Yoga people. Yoga kids. Yoga women. Yoga men. Oneness. Happy smiling people. Dance workshop. People are getting DOWN!!!! I shake my booty. I must do a class. How can I watch on the sidelines when these people moving look so happy and free and fulfilled? Hoop yogini. I don't hula hoop. I must do this. I must conquer!! I do it. A combination of yoga and hula hoop. Easy warm up. Stretches and bends and circle with hoop. Business time. Master hooping. There is a key. Back and forth keeps the circle moving. 100 calories burned every 10 minutes??!! I am SOLD. I am obsessed. This is my sexy, fun, new, awesome, playful exercise pastime. I become one with the hoop. The hoop understands me and I understand it. I surrender to the flow. The flow of the energy circling around me, massaging my body. Hip-thrusting. Sweating. With hoop. I love this exercise. Off to Bridges for wine and food. Yes please. I worked for this today, I did. Day 1 satisfaction. Happy, complete, open in oneness. Living NOW. Out.

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