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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sanur, Abian Boga and Gateway to India

I came to blog and now I'm drinking a Bintang and surfing blogs. Funny how that happens. Who ya gonna call?

I've spent the last week with my parents. They came to visit me in Bali for 3 weeks end of January, then headed to Thailand for 3 weeks, then back to see me. We had a lovely week and most recently, a lovely weekend away in Sanur. Sanur is on the southern coast of Bali, and very non-Kuta, which I was a huge fan of.

It was quiet, cloudy and full of tanned oldies. We arrived Saturday morning and checked into Abian Boga Guest House. I got my own room, thanks Mum. After unpacking, we headed to the beach. A wonderful lunch feast right on the beach. Fresh Mahi Mahi off the grill with squeezed lime and refreshing coconuts to drink, and later, scoop out and eat.

I swear, if I learned how climb a palm, gather coconuts, machete them open and build a bamboo hut.... I could live quite happily off the land for some time. Kate, the castaway. Except it would be a choice, not a dealt hand in some universal deck of cards. Really, I would be happy. Throw in a dog and a solar-powered ipod charger..... what else do you need?

Mum, Dad and I beach-combed after our delicious lunch. Lots of coral washed up. My dad sat on the sand and did a drawing ( he's an artist ) and wrote "Kate" on a piece of coral and gave it to me. I will cherish it.

The highlight of the weekend was when it rained. It was an absolute monsoon. Buckets and buckets of warm tropical rain. Don't worry, we were equipped with our trusty blue ponchos. My mother called us "sperm heads". Well done, Mum.

On the night before we left, we went to an Indian restaurant, "Gateway of India". On the menu, they proclaimed "The Best Indian in Bali". My standards are high, as are my mothers, who works as a food critic, and I can say with complete satisfaction, we were SO pleased with the meal.

I had an Indian Coffee, which was coffee infused with cinnamon, cloves, sugar and warm milk. Delicious. My mum had a Potato Dosa. I had the Vegetable Biryani. Dad had the Chicken Masala. All beautifully presented, absolutely huge portions, killer flavours and very affordable. They have a 6 restaurants in Bali, and also deliver. I will definitely call them for delivery one night here from their Ubud location when we are next hit with a monsoon.

Mum and Dad left last night. On the way to the airport, we got a flat tire. Ah, such is life. I stayed behind with the driver to solve the problem, and also I was going back to Ubud, so we needed to get a tire on the car. My parents and I said goodbye in front of the awkward bad advertising off the highway where the car had stalled. I don't know when I will see them again. They live in France. Hopefully I can make it over there in the summer. Maybe sooner if I can afford it. They headed off in a taxi and I stayed with my new friend Biyu.

Biyu is a young kid from Ubud. Super cool. He asked me if I was hungry. "Sure", I said. He made a phonecall and 20 minutes later a man on a bike arrived. KFC delivery. Ya, ya I know it's soooooo bad for you. But hey, 2 deep friend chicken wings taste pretty good when you're sitting in a parking lot at 10pm and waiting for a tire to arrive. All in all.... I was there for 5 hours. Got back to my place just before midnight. Ahhh, Bali time. I'm so all about it, though.

So I'm sitting here alone, just had my big Bintang and a Gado Gado ( veggies with tofu, tempe and peanut sauce ). Just before 9pm on Wednesday. Don't fret, I've got plans the next 3 nights. Wooooo, social life. Here we go! I've got my cool friend Edy cooking dinner for me tomorrow night, then girl dates Friday and Saturday. Yaaay!

In other exciting news, I will be one of the photographers for the 5th annual Bali Spirit Fest at the end of March. So very excited. It's 5 days of yoga, workshops and concerts. I am going to get some unreal shots and meet some incredible people. So excited.

Also at the end of March, one of my absolute best girl friends arrives in Bali. Candice, we are going to have the BEST time ever. Can't wait to watch the sunrise on the volcano with you!! My soul sister. Yoga, photoshoots, rice field motor-biking, Bintangs. My partner in crime. My soul sister in life!!

Alright, that's all for now. This should make up for the last week of me not blogging. More to come, friends. Much, much more ;)

Stay tuned..... XO Kate


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